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1,270 miles and 25 hours— That is the mileage and travel time Genevieve “GG” Nabritt spent per week commuting back and forth from her home in Dunnellon, Florida to Jacksonville to work as a customer service representative three and a half years ago.

The father-daughter duo both play important roles in their respective departments. Fred is a 19-year veteran and the Director of Strategic Alliances for HCSC, one of Availity’s owner health plans. Availity was the first company to help Christine to “get her foot in the door” as a Client Services Representative after graduating UF in 2014 with a degree in Marketing.

Chelsea graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Business Marketing. After graduating, she landed a job as a health IT recruiter for a consulting company in Jacksonville and Availity was one of her clients. Working closely with Availity, Chelsea soon accepted an offer for a full-time Senior Staffing Consultant position.

Availity helps healthcare providers and health plans connect, making it easier to share clinical, financial, and administrative information. We value your business and respect the security of your patient data, which is why we’re introducing additional authentication measures.

We may never completely eliminate denials, but there are ways to proactively prevent them, particularly recurring denials caused by your claim workflow. From small practices to large Epic health systems, we see a surge in customers working to dramatically reduce error rates, improve cash flow, and reduce write-offs.

Even in the most technology-savvy provider offices, there may be lingering paper-based manual processes eating away at your bottom line. Perhaps you work with a payer that only accepts paper forms for secondary or Worker’s Comp claims. Or maybe your business requires regular printing and faxing of documentation to support your electronic claims.

Countless businesses and healthcare organizations miss out on their portion of available settlement proceeds each year. On average, only about 20% of eligible entities collect their share of any given settlement fund. In many cases, the proceeds represent a significant amount that is added right to your bottom line. While settlements vary, one constant is that a claim must be submitted in order to collect any money. This is where a Settlement Recovery Service can help.

In a recent webinar, we discussed the importance of patient satisfaction and how it can impact the revenue of your practice. Understanding patient satisfaction is valuable for providers who want their patients to keep coming back. Here’s how practitioners can keep retention high and ultimately grow their practice.

In a recent webinar TSYS coordinated with Availity, we discussed the importance of understanding today’s patients and their unique expectations. This understanding is measured by patient satisfaction, which gives providers valuable insights into the effectiveness of their care. Increasing patient satisfaction has become a major initiative for practitioners because it’s directly linked to patient retention. Here are the 5 components of improving patient satisfaction at your dental practice.

A key to patient engagement is keeping your clients as informed as possible about their options for treatment, medications, recovery, and all other aspects of the healthcare system. A practice that is fully engaged with their patients works more efficiently, from setting up follow-up visits to receiving electronic reminders about appointments, and this personalized engagement is now expected. Digital communication is not something you can disregard—patients want personalization and the ability to speak to their health practitioner on the platforms they us