Improving Payer-Provider Collaboration for health plans
Improving Payer-Provider Collaboration

Better payer-provider collaboration starts with a multi-payer platform

Many health plans feature online provider portals intended to make it easier for providers to do business with them—whether it’s conducting eligibility and benefits inquiries, checking claim status, or getting answers to questions. But if your health plan has one, you may not be seeing the level of adoption you expected.

Providers aren’t taking full advantage of proprietary portals because they have so many different ones to navigate, and each has its own unique design and workflow. Because providers can’t easily find what they need, they continue to call into the health plan for support.

A better approach is a multi-payer platform, which allows providers to log in to one site and process transactions for multiple payers using a common navigation and workflow. Availity features a state-of-the-art multi-payer portal that serves over 5,000 health plan clients and over 900,000 providers nationwide.