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Surprisingly, Paper and Fax are Still King in 2016


10.25.2016 By AVAILITY


A recent Availity survey* of providers found that almost half still mail or fax their risk assessments to payers. Results suggest this is because each payer has a different way to submit paperwork and most lack digital submission tools. In fact, almost 75 percent of survey respondents cited minimal standardization as their biggest pain point. Additionally, 28 percent said even when assessments are completed, it’s difficult to keep track of where they’re located.

The frustration providers feel about the lack of standardization is compounded by the fact that 35 percent of them submit risk assessments to more than one payer. That means they potentially have up to five different processes to follow.

What would ease their frustration? The survey found that 54 percent think having a multi-payer risk assessment solution would streamline the submission process and make it easier to submit more assessments.

So what does this all mean?

  • Paper forms and fax are still king, even in 2016.
  • A multi-payer portal can alleviate providers from the pain of different processes for each payer.
  • The largest national health plans are the most frequently referenced as needing to move from paper to electronic.

See the full results of the survey in this infographic.

* Availity posted an eight question survey between May 2016 and July 2016 in its Provider Engagement Portal. Survey findings are based upon the 144 responses received.

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