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Build applications that connect payers and providers and simplify healthcare transactions


Reach more than a million providers and every major health plan nationwide with robust tools that simplify transactions and deliver insights into today’s healthcare. Development is faster when you can focus on your users and not worry about translating complex data.

Use batch or real-time processes to access more than 8.8 million daily healthcare transactions, and work with virtually every health plan nationwide, using X12 or RESTful APIs.

Financial Clearinghouse

Availity APIs

  • RESTful APIs offer predictable, resource-oriented URLs that return JSON and XML representations, including errors using HTTP response codes.
  • All Availity RESTful API's support OAuth2, SHA256, or MD5 over HTTPS for trusted security.
  • Get standard responses to HIPAA inquiries for eligibility, claim status, and claim predeterminations.
  • Use web calls for real-time responses.
  • Comprehensive documentation, including authentication and coding examples with sample responses.
  • Register online and get an API key to get started right away.
  • Why APIs are Better than Bots.

SOAP Web Services & Secure FTP

  • Aggregate transactions for batch processing, or use web calls for real-time responses.
  • Call data for nine types of transactions to use within your applications:
  • Claims (837)
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Electronic Remittance (835)
  • Coverages/Eligibility & Benefits (270)
  • Care Cost Estimator (Claim predetermination)
  • Service Reviews /Authorizations / (278)
  • Claim Status (276)
  • Patient statements
  • Drop to paper services
  • Work with the 5010 standard of ANSI X12 transactions.
Gateway Services

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