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67% of Provider Organizations Update their Provider Data through Availity PDM


9.25.2019 By Availity


Jacksonville, Fla—September 25, 2019—Sixty-seven percent of all provider organizations in the United States attest the accuracy of their provider directories, credentialing, and other demographic data through the industry-leading, multi-payer intelligent portal of Availity, the nation’s largest real-time health information network.

So far this year, 263,000 provider organizations, representing almost 1 million physicians, utilized Availity to make more than 7 million updates or corrections to their directories.

“One of the biggest challenges in provider data management (PDM) is incenting providers to participate,” said Mark Martin, Availity’s Director of Payer Solutions and Provider Data Management. “For example, health plans update provider data regularly as part of the contract and credentialing process. For providers, documenting this information takes time, as a detailed record can track up to 380 distinct line items.”

Availity PDM increasingly uses machine learning tools to eliminate many of the frustrating manual processes associated with directory updates. Automation capabilities quickly capture essential provider detail changes—including changes to physician to location attribution, contact information, accessibility, languages spoken by practitioners and staff members, etc.—then routes and tracks those data elements through the unique business rules of each health plan.

Additionally, Availity PDM updates and validates provider data according to each health plan’s business rules and data structure, bringing critical efficiencies to a historically difficult task within a single multi-payer platform.

“The difference Availity PDM represents isn’t the scope and breadth of the data, but how those data elements are utilized and shared across multiple stakeholders,” said Russ Thomas, CEO of Availity. “Availity PDM allows for intelligent micro-attestation of crucial elements within a provider’s daily workflow, as well as automated updates. This increases the efficiency of the practice and ensures that attestations and verifications are completed faster and with more accuracy than any solution on the market. Ultimately, our providers get paid faster, with less friction, when their provider data is correct.”

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