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Associate Spotlight - Jen Kinderman


1.19.2021 By Availity

Jenn Dorsen

A new last name isn’t the only thing that’s changed recently for Jen Dorsen Kinderman. She got married in December and started a new role in January as a product analyst on the product architecture team.

After graduating from the University of North Florida in 2015, Jen was looking for a job that would kickstart her career. She found that at Availity, she says.

Jen started as an Availity client services (ACS) contractor, and over the last five years she’s earned multiple promotions into roles with increased responsibility, including full-time representative, team lead, operations analyst, and supervisor. This progression set her apart from other candidates for the product analyst position, according to her new manager, Lori Creel. 

“Jen’s aptitude and willingness to learn made her a great fit for my team,” Lori said. As a product analyst, Jen will work with health plans on single sign-on implementations, train customers on Availity’s self-service tools, and work with internal and external stakeholders to ensure product success.

Jen credits her mentor and previous supervisor, Lyle Lyons, for encouraging her to keep setting and crushing her goals and reminding her of her value to the company. She participated in two major ACS projects that were designed to streamline operations, support new representatives, and reduce attrition. The first was rolling out a new ACS organization structure that moved complex requests into a special queue for follow-up. The second was developing individualized onboarding and training for new representatives.  

“ACS Representatives are seen as the ‘voice’ of the organization,” Jen said. “They talk, chat, and email with thousands of providers each day. They can go from zero calls in the queue to 100 in a matter of seconds.” In this fast-paced and sometimes stressful environment, Jen has learned the importance of prioritization and communication, and she knows these skills will be invaluable in the product analyst role. 

In addition to building her skillset, Jen has made many lifelong friends while working at Availity, and they are always looking for creative, socially distant ways to hang out outside of work. Jen also enjoys bike riding at the beach, working out, and spending time with her family. In 2021, she hopes to take her long-overdue honeymoon to Italy.


Just for fun

Favorite movie: Bridesmaids

Favorite food: Chicken parmesan

Favorite book: Any and all Bon Apetit magazines

Pets: Two rescue dogs, Lucy and Henri
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