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Onboarding New Associates During the Pandemic and Beyond


8.18.2021 By Alyssa Arena, Talent Acquisition & Development Specialist

Seemingly overnight, we had to figure out how to onboard new hires in a completely remote environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sixteen months later, we have now defined and implemented a smooth and thorough process, and our organization is determining the best and safest route for associates to begin utilizing the office again.
Our company is in a season of hypergrowth. Since the start of the pandemic in March of 2020 through July 2021, we have hired 470 associates and have onboarded approximately five new associates each week. We have been able to bring in so many new hires because of the amazing associates who work here—many of whom are bringing in their referrals and making us a Great Place to Work every day. 
When new hires join Availity, they are given everything they need to succeed before their first day even begins. They can either pick up their equipment if they are local to Jacksonville or Indianapolis, or have it shipped to them, and they receive their onboarding schedule in advance of their first day. 
Our orientation schedule starts with our desktop support team helping new associates get their equipment set up and ensuring that all of their software and hardware are working properly. From there, new associates participate in a presentation from our Human Resources team to review Availity’s history, values, vision, and what we do at our core level. After that, our new associates have time to view a recorded benefits presentation, meet their teams, and complete compliance training courses. At the end of their first day, they jump right in with their team and focus on the great work that needs to be accomplished. 
Over the past 16 months, we’ve asked new hires for their feedback on the onboarding experience, which will allow us to make improvements where necessary. We are happy to share many of the great strides we have made in this process. Here are some things respondents had to say:

“It was well organized and thought out. All involved individuals / departments were engaged and available. I also appreciated the desktop support session to get the equipment set up and connected. It was a great day one experience, thank you!” 

“So far my experience has been amazing and the best onboarding that I have experienced. The equipment was delivered, was easy to set up and the initial calls were well-organized to make sure everything was working properly. I have mentioned how smooth the process has been to people inside and outside of Availity.” 

“I only have positives to share. I think Availity has a fantastic onboarding process that really takes the new employees best interest to heart. I have seen other companies’ processes where equipment was delivered late, to no support getting hardware/software set up, not knowing who to talk to etc. Availity is top notch for onboarding!”

This top-notch onboarding is only accomplished by the incredible teamwork we have here at Availity. We look forward to welcoming every new face that joins us.

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