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Associate Spotlight - Thomas Joseph “ToJo” Snyder


10.06.2020 By Availity

ToJo Snyder

Thomas Joseph Snyder is affectionately known as “ToJo” by his colleague's thanks to a typo by one of his supervisors. In 2018, fresh out of college, ToJo was pursuing a career as a network technician when he stumbled across the client services representative role at Availity. While he didn’t have healthcare experience, he was intrigued about getting his foot in the door with a technology company.

He didn’t expect to land the position, and when he did, he set out to excel at it. While the learning curve required for Availity Client Services can feel overwhelming at times, ToJo attributes “a fantastic support system of trainers and mentors” to help guide new reps through the ropes.

After a year in the position, Tojo was promoted to the clearinghouse support specialist role. He now works with Availity’s transactions processing system and CRM to research, document, and resolve all customer service contact with Premium Clearinghouse trading partners. ToJo loves the problem solving required in his current role.

“Performing analysis and getting to the root of the problem is something I really enjoy,” he said. “Plus, I get to work with a fantastic team of people.” While he’s happy in his current role, he does miss some things. “When you’re on the phone with a provider, and you hear the relief in their voice when you can resolve their issue, it’s rewarding to know that you were able to help make their day better.”

But he also acknowledges that being on the customer support front lines can also be emotionally exhausting. He shares his advice for new CSRs, “You have tough days when you want to withdraw and disconnect, but it’s important to remember that you have people to help. Find rituals and small ways to re-energize yourself throughout the day. That’s the make or break for success in this role. Every call is different, and sometimes you need to take a moment or two to recenter. It’s really important to find what works for you and to keep a positive attitude.”

Availity Client Services serves as a top entry point for bright, hard-working individuals to learn healthcare and IT fundamentals. While it isn’t easy, many people begin their careers in ACS and advance both within Client Services and throughout the organization. While “enjoying the ride,” ToJo hopes to one day put his networking degree to use at Availity.

A gaming and hockey enthusiast, you can catch him watching the Philadelphia Flyers or gaming with friends and colleagues in his free time.


Favorite book: The Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn

Favorite food: Fried seafood

Favorite movie: The Fifth Element

Favorite game: Megaman X

Favorite band: Coheed and Cambria

Favorite team: Philadelphia Flyers

Pet: Lola (Yellow Labrador)

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