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Associate Spotlight - Jeremy Houle


10.05.2020 By Availity

Jeremy Houle

In less than six months at Availity, Jeremy Houle was recognized by his manager as “a force to be reckoned with” for his drive and determination in his role on the Availity Client Services team.

Jeremy helps Availity RCM clients troubleshoot pending and denied claims via phone and support tickets. While some tickets are quick and easy to solve, others are uncommon and require a little more work. Jeremy tackles these issues using the tools he learned during onboarding and his own researching skills.

Recently, Jeremy helped a new RCM customer learn to use the application. He spent 30 minutes on the phone with her, walking through basic functions like claim status, adding providers in the EDI tool, and more.

“It was fulfilling to help someone who was truly appreciative of the work that we do,” Jeremy said. “A little gratitude definitely goes a long way.”

Before joining Availity, Jeremy worked at a large medical system as a project manager. Although he had healthcare experience, he wasn’t familiar with CPT codes, health insurance, or many other issues customers call about, so he had a bit of a learning curve. “I was shocked to learn the scope and diversity of Availity’s product portfolio,” he said.

Jeremy’s manager, Ruth Watkins, talks about his can-do attitude, “In a matter of months, Jeremy has risen to be a top performer on the team. He has been the only rep in my history of auditing to receive a perfect call audit score AND a perfect monthly audit score.”

Jeremy credits Availity’s culture for helping him get up to speed so quickly. “Everyone is helpful and respectful, and the transition could not have been better.”

When he’s not working, Jeremy enjoys remodeling his home with his girlfriend and enjoying Indiana summers being active outdoors.


Favorite Book: Game of Thrones Series

Favorite Food: Chocolate

Favorite Movie: Avengers Endgame

Pets: One cat named Nimbus and pending one puppy Gryffin

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