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5.04.2020 By Availity


Because many of us are using the lull in our normal routines to brush up on skills or learn new ones, we thought this would be a good time to remind you that Availity features a wide range of online courses to help you get up to speed on our offerings. Whether you’re new to Availity and want a deep dive into the different workflows, or you’re a long-time user looking for specific productivity tips, our course catalog has something for everyone.

You can access the Availity Learning course catalog via the Availity Portal. Go to Get Trained in the Help & Training drop-down menu. Don’t have a Portal account? Sign up now for free. Here’s a sample of what’s available.


Send medical attachments through the Portal


Are you tired of faxing and mailing medical attachments? If you’re working from home, it’s even more difficult without access to the office’s fax machines, printers, and postage meters. With the Availity Portal, you can electronically submit medical attachments to your payers for claims, prior authorizations, and quality measures. Not only will you save time printing and copying records, but submitting attachments electronically can streamline processes, which helps organizations get paid more quickly.

Course: Availity Portal Medical Attachment Tools



Update your provider profile


If COVID-19 has permanently changed your practice’s operating hours, the location where physicians see patients, or any of the demographic information that helps patients find you, make sure you update your provider profile and submit the verifications in the Availity Portal. Keeping this information up to date helps ensure the accuracy of provider directories, which is especially important for providers who see patients on Medicare, Medicaid, and ACA plans.

Course: Provider Data Management and Directory Verification



Submit claims with Availity EDI Clearinghouse


Availity offers the largest network of free transactions in the industry and competitively priced access to the rest of the payer market. Learn the basics of electronic transactions and how your organization can get set up to submit them through Availity.

Course: Availity EDI Clearinghouse and Gateway Services



Get better insight into remittances


Remittance Viewer in the Availity Portal now offers better visibility into your organization’s financial information. Make sure you’re taking advantage of all the new features, including the ability to view payment details, deductible information, patient responsibility, and more.

Course: Remittance Viewer: Tips for finding what you need. Fast


These are just some of the available courses. Make sure to check out the full catalog in the Availity Learning Center


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