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Employee Spotlight - Julofrey and Thomas


3.25.2020 By Availity


It’s no secret that collaboration is an important part of Availity – whether internal among our associates or external with our customers. What started as cross-functional collaboration, evolved into mentorship, and a close friendship for Thomas Sceifers (left) and Julofrey Lacanilao (right). So much so - you could say – that they’ve been there, done that, and got the t-shirt (30 of them to be exact).

Julofrey (“J”) works as a Data Engineer on the Business Management Platform Services team, which is responsible for the internal business systems our associates use: Salesforce (CRM), Zuora (Finance), JIRA (Project Management), Workday (Human Resources) and more. His role spans across these platforms, working alongside the team to extract and present data for their respective internal customer. One of J’s job duties is to provide data reporting and analytics from Zuora, our accounting software, by managing the transactions in a data warehouse using Microsoft SQL Server. The database, Finance Mart, allows him to create usage and invoice reports for Availity associates to have better insights on transactions from our Revenue Cycle Management customers.

Since he started working at Availity in July 2019, Julofrey's department was the first to pilot a “new-to-Availity” data reporting tool – Power BI – available as part of the M365 implementation. Power BI is a business analytics service that allows end users to create their own reports and dashboards with interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities.

Thomas has been with Availity for two years. As a Senior Systems Eningeer on the Enterprise Services team, he configures and administers the suite of M365 products, including Power BI, and he trained Julofrey on the platform as one of the first Availity users. “I create the building and make sure it’s functional, and Julofrey designs the rooms inside.” Thomas helped spearhead the companywide adoption of Microsoft Office 365, which includes Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, and more.

Julofrey considers Thomas not only his friend, but also his mentor, noting that Thomas helps him see the bigger picture of what the Microsoft 365 migration can do enterprise-wide. Together, they advocate for other departments to utilize Power BI over the legacy reporting tool most often used in the organization. So far, Julofrey is helping the Marketing and Provider Data Management teams get up to speed on Power BI. By starting to rollout the adoption of Power BI internally, Julofrey and Thomas are looking forward to unifying and streamlining our internal processes.

When they had the opportunity for personal development at the Microsoft Ignite conference last November, Thomas and Julofrey made the most of the conference by visiting exhibitors and coming home with more than 30 t-shirts. What started as a joke with the Marketing team, turned into a 30-day challenge, with Thomas and Julofrey snapping a daily picture of their coordinating t-shirts from the conference. Not only was this an opportunity to infuse a little fun into the work day, but they also wanted to highlight the importance of camaraderie and collaboration in the workplace.

“I appreciate that the company is diverse, fun, and progressive. The culture here promotes an awesome work-life balance where it is fun to come to work every day,” Julofrey said.

Outside of work, Thomas and Julofrey both coach sports; Thomas coaches soccer and Julofrey coaches volleyball. They enjoy playing board games with each other like Catan (Julofrey’s favorite) and Wingspan (Thomas’ favorite).

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