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Employee Spotlight - Jami Burger


12.02.2019 By Availity

Availity - Jami Burger

Amidst Toy Story movies, superheroes, baby dolls, monster trucks, and a play kitchen, day-in and day-out, Jami manages Availity’s Data Product and Services, while also juggling caring for her 4-year-old son, Christopher and the determined mini-boss, two-year-old daughter Madi. 

Members of her team have appropriately nicknamed her “mom boss” because of how well she juggles motherhood and management. “My goal for both my team and kids is to help them succeed at whatever challenge they encounter, whether that is moving along a payer migration or riding a bike,” Jami says.

Jami has been with Availity for 10 years, and for those 10 years it has been all data, all the time. She began her career with Availity as a data analyst and worked up to team lead, team supervisor, and now Manager of Data Product and Services.

An Ohio transplant, Jami worked remote in Wisconsin before making the move back to Jacksonville. While working as a remote employee, she was given everything to be successful in her role, but she missed the face-to-face interaction of working in the office.

Jami’s team works hard to make data available to our customers through applications, APIs, BI tools, reports, and dashboards. Her team serves an enterprise function, they support most internal departments alongside Availity’s external customers as well. 

Prior to joining Availity, her experience in data was not in the healthcare industry, but her role has allowed her to immerse herself in what Availity does as an overall enterprise. “If you understand Availity’s vision, it makes it easier to know how your role supports it,” Jami says. Her work is demanding, but she says it’s never boring, which she appreciates. 

When she had Christopher, four and half years ago, she quickly realized she was going to have to find a way to balance both work and motherhood. She tries every day to be as present as she can for each, when in those roles. Sometimes though, the kids get sick and projects go south, and all the planning goes out the window—and then “you just have to wing it,” she says.

When she’s not running a family, Jami manages a team of 13 at Availity and sees opportunity for growth on her team because the need for data and analysis is at the core of most business decisions.

Outside of being a mom boss, Jami enjoys running, hanging with her friends, being active, and spending as much time as she can outdoors. Jami’s advice to other working moms is to “quit doubting yourself, you are doing great!”
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