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Big Data - Present, Future, and Best Practices: A Tweetchat


9.05.2017 By AVAILITY


Big Data is a HUGE topic in healthcare today but what does big data even MEAN in healthcare?  Join our own Director of Data Management and Analytics, Jeff Currier (@_jcurrier_ ) at 1pm ET on Friday, Sept 8th to weigh in on how healthcare can and IS using Big Data to improve everything from costs to patient experience. 

Our tweetchat will be held in T1:A1 format with the following topics:

T1: The phrase “Big Data” gets thrown around a lot. What do you consider “Big Data” in healthcare? #AskAvaility

T2: What are some of the ways healthcare is already using Big Data? #AskAvaility

T3: What are some of the most successful healthcare uses of Big Data you’ve seen so far? Unsuccessful? #AskAvaility

T4: What’s the next “big thing” for healthcare through using Big Data (better #PopHealth, integrated #AI, etc.)? #AskAvaility

T5: How can payers and providers use Big Data RIGHT NOW to improve their practices? #AskAvaility 


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