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Credentialing: Better Data from Day One


10.19.2017 By AVAILITY


In this edition of Availity Access, Mark Martin, product line director for provider data, discusses why addressing credentialing is the next logical step in Availity’s work to simplify data verification and improve the quality of provider data throughout the health care data ecosystem.

In 2015 Availity introduced a portfolio of products designed to help health plans and their provider networks share and manage the demographic information critical to ensuring patients’ access to care.

Now, across the country, providers and facilities can manage their profiles and update their health plan partners in a simple, timely way. Building on this provider data overhaul, it’s time to address the credentialing process, which is foundational to provider profiles.

To that end, Availity commissioned an independent research study to go out and talk to providers, health systems, and hospitals to understand what works and what doesn’t work in today’s credentialing environment. Mark shares the results of this survey, and how Availity’s using that information to improve the credentialing process.


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