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Healthcare Credentialing: The Good, the Bad, and the Scary—a Tweetchat


10.09.2017 By AVAILITY


The healthcare credentialing process is time-consuming, frustrating, confusing, and done with scary frequency. Between figuring out what information you need to submit, and completing the same form for the fifth time this year, credentialing is a burden for most providers’ offices that deal with more than one health plan. With all the advances in technology, this highly manual process should be easier. So why isn’t it? Join Michelle Barry, our expert of health plan provider data management, Don Lee, president of Glide Health IT, and Shahid Shah, The Healthcare IT Guy, on Friday, 10/13 at 1pm ET for a discussion on the scary reality of healthcare credentialing and what processes and tech can remove the dread that looms around it. Knock on wood, throw some salt over your left shoulder, and avoid that black cat’s path on your way to chat with us!

As always, our tweetchat will be held in T1:A1 format with the following topics:

Q1: How is #healthcare credentialing currently done? How do you wish it was done? #AskAvaility

Q2: What are some common obstacles encountered in #healthcare credentialing? #AskAvaility 

Q3: How can practices and plans streamline #healthcare credentialing processes right now? #AskAvaility

Q4: How do some of the larger problems of #healthcare (lack of #interoperability, siloes, etc.) affect #credentialing? #AskAvaility

Q5: How can #HealthIT improve the #credentialing process? #AskAvaility

Q6: In a perfect world, what should the #healthcare credentialing process look like? How do we make this a reality? #AskAvaility


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