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10.17.2017 By Mark Martin, Director, Product Line


You work better when you’re not interrupted. You know it’s true, because you come in an hour early, make your coffee, get to your desk, and complete half-a-day’s work before the next person walks in the door. After that, it’s business as usual with the phone ringing off the hook, hijacking your workflow.

According to a recent Forbes article, people who are frequently interrupted only have a 44 percent chance of feeling that their day was successful. Working in healthcare guarantees you’ll be interrupted multiple times a day, whether it’s by staff, patients, physicians, or health plans.

Fortunately, there are some tasks that can be completed on your timeline. Even better, when you get ahead of them you can greatly reduce the number of interruptions you face.  

Validating your directory entries is one of those tasks. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires health plans to keep their provider directories up to date. That means that every 90 days, every payer you work with will ask you to verify the information they have about you. If you work with more than one health plan, that means a lot of repetitive work. By being proactive, you can avoid the interruptive phone calls that plans and service companies make to you and your staff. 

Take control now.

The Directory Verification app in the Availity Provider Portal lets you update your directory information online using forms pre-populated with your information. No need to fill out multiple forms and submit to each health plan you work with via email or fax. With Directory Verification, you simply verify the information that’s correct, fix what’s wrong, and click the Submit button, all within your workflow. Availity automatically sends your updates to all your payers working with us on their directories. We also verify that you’ve completed the task so they can remove you from their “providers to call” list, meaning fewer interruptions for you.

Do your verifications on your schedule, in your workflow, without interruptions—so you can focus on what’s important, caring for your patients. 

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