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Confidence Through Compliance: A Tweetchat


11.06.2017 By AVAILITY


It’s National Compliance Week and everyone in healthcare is talking about the need for compliance. But what does compliance mean besides just “following the rules”? Join us Friday, 11/10 at 1pm ET for our Confidence Through Compliance tweetchat featuring our favorite HIPAA lawyer, Matt Fisher (@Matt_R_Fisher), and our Availity compliance guru, Erika Ables (@Erika_Ethics). We’re talking about how compliance can enhance everything in healthcare from cybersecurity to patient interactions, so come on down and end your compliance week with us! 

As always, our tweetchat will be held in T1:A1 format with the following topics:

T1: #Cybersecurity is a growing concern due to constant threats. How does #compliance factor into enhancing security? #AskAvaility 

T2: Fraud and abuse settlements drive headlines on bad acts. How do these regs make #healthcare different? #AskAvaility

T3: How does #compliance work in billing and coding? Why is it important to providers? Payers? #AskAvaility

T4: How can #HIPAA compliance help patients, providers, and #HealthIT? #AskAvaility

T5: What can #HealthIT companies do to improve compliance inside and outside their organizations? #AskAvaility

T6: How can healthcare #compliance improve at the consumer/patient, corporate, and government levels? #AskAvaility 


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