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Availity Research Study Identifies Barriers in Healthcare Collaboration


7.03.2017 By Brian Kagel, Market Research Director, Availity


Understanding the needs of customers is paramount to any business’s success. And for Availity, a long-time, trusted intermediary between health plans and providers, understanding and appeasing both segments of the healthcare market has its challenges. Despite the development of integrated digital tools and improved processes and workflows, the relationship between these healthcare stakeholders is historically influenced by friction—even though both recognize a need to work together.

This heightened need for collaboration prompted an original Availity research study to uncover the state of payer-provider collaboration. We surveyed more than 40 health plans and 400 practice- and facility-based providers to find out what communication gaps exist; what processes or technology would bridge those gaps; and where improved collaboration would do the most good.

Take a look as I share some key takeaways from our research.


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