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Success Story: How Community Hospitals are Improving Patient Collections


1.31.2017 By AVAILITY


As part of a partnership with the Illinois Critical Access Hospital (ICAHN), Availity is working with several hospitals across the state to streamline registration operations and improve patient collections. By implementing our Patient Access solution, several have seen significant improvements, which have helped them maintain financial viability in a changing healthcare marketplace.

In a newly published case study, we look at the challenges these hospitals face and the success they’ve had to date.

Memorial Hospital

This community hospital located in Carthage, Illinois wanted to improve its point-of-service collections for walk-in patients, but inefficient front-desk processes were making it difficult. After implementing Availity Patient Access, the hospital has exceeded its collection goal, decreased denied claims by 88.4 percent, and eliminated 33 hours of time spent each month on medical necessity checking.

Iroquois Memorial Hospital

Located in Watseka, Illinois, Iroquois Memorial lacked the tools and processes to manage upfront collections, which created confusion and led to revenue leakage. With Availity Patient Access, Iroquois has seen a 300 percent increase in upfront patient collections.

You can read the details by downloading Memorial Hospital Cracks the Code on How to Improve Upfront Collections.


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