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Is a Class Action Settlement for Polyurethane Foam Important to Your Organization?


2.03.2016 by Managed Care Advisory Group, LLC


In a previous blog, “Learn How a Settlement Recovery Service Can Help You and Your Organization”, we introduced several types of settlements. One of the types mentioned was a “product anti-competition” settlement, which relates to products with allegedly inflated prices that were purchased either directly or indirectly from certain companies. The Polyurethane Foam Antitrust Litigation Class Action Settlement, also known as the Poly Foam Settlement, is an example of this type of settlement. At $151 million, the settlement fund is both substantial and rare, and organizations potentially affected by alleged overpayments may want to consider filing a claim.

As larger purchasers of beds, healthcare providers will be big winners

Health care organizations are in a unique position with the Poly Foam Settlement because they are more likely to have purchased the applicable products (such as examination beds and waiting room and office chairs) in large quantities and to have replaced them multiple times during the 16 year settlement period. Not only is this a large settlement fund, but it only allows end users to file or recover, not resellers. As a result, it may offer your organization a relatively easy opportunity to recover cash for alleged overpayments.

Take advantage before the February 29, 2016 deadline

Availity is offering a Class Action Settlement Recovery Service through our strategic partnership with Managed Care Advisory Group, LLC (MCAG). Click here for more information on MCAG’s Settlement Recovery Service (SRS), current settlements including Poly Foam, or to enroll in this valuable and unique service, which is offered on a contingent fee basis without any upfront fees.

MCAG has already performed significant research about this opportunity, as well as the products and the markets. SRS experts are available to provide helpful guidance to build claim submissions.


MCAG will contact all current enrollees who are eligible to participate in the Poly Foam Settlement with instructions on how to easily provide information that can be used in building your claim.

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