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All Things Risk Adjustment: A Tweetchat


12.01.2016 By AVAILITY


We know what you want for the holidays – Risk Adjustment! That’s why we’re hosting our third #AskAvaility tweetchat on Friday, 12/9 at 1pm ET, discussing All Things Risk Adjustment. Availity’s Susan Bellile (@SKB_RnQ) joins Steve Sisko (@ShimCode) to talk about the current and future impact of Risk Adjustment on healthcare.

The tweetchat will be held in T1:A1 format with the following topics:

T1: What are the common challenges health plans and providers experience when managing risk adjustment? #AskAvaility

T2: Paper and fax are still king. What tools (digital or otherwise) are providers open to for submitting risk adjustment data? #AskAvaility

T3: If the ACA is repealed, what is the future of risk adjustment? (outside of Medicare Advantage) #AskAvaility

T4: What are the primary risk adjustment skills and expertise needed by health plans & providers? #AskAvaility

T5: What are some of the reasons why smaller health plans struggle with risk adjustment? #AskAvaility

T6: What processes and programs might be used to improve risk-adjustment data collection & reporting? #AskAvaility

Bring any questions, comments, or ideas to the chat and be sure to tag #AskAvaility. You can also tweet your thoughts to the hosts at @SKB_RnQ, @ShimCode, and @Availity.

If you didn’t get chance to participate in the Tweetchat, download the All Things Risk Adjustment Tweetchat transcript.

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