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Millennials and healthcare: Beyond the hype


8.09.2016 by AVAILITY


It seems like every day there’s a different news story about millennials. What they buy. How they communicate. How to work with them. Not since their parents—the baby boomers—came of age have we seen this level of media interest in a generation.

But beyond the hype, there are good reasons for healthcare providers to pay attention to the habits and preferences of this generation. Born between 1981 and 2000, millennials are now the largest demographic in the country and the largest in the workforce. And with great size comes great power as companies across all industries tweak their products and services to capture millennials’ attention. As this happens, the millennials’ preferences start to become the norm. Younger generations (Gen Z) come of age expecting these features, while older generations (baby boomers and Generation X) gradually adapt.

As a healthcare provider, understanding who millennials like to do business with and why will be important as you look to stay competitive in a changing market. From their love of technology to their desire to get a good deal, millennials have no problem challenging the status quo. Is your hospital or medical practice ready to meet their requirements?

To learn more about what millennials are looking for from their healthcare providers, check out our latest article Generation Healthcare: What healthcare providers needs to know about the U.S.'s largest demographic.

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