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Put your clinical data to work with Availity Fusion


To stay competitive, healthcare organizations must use clinical data to improve patient care, reduce costs, and drive innovation. However, raw clinical data is often incomplete, redundant, and inaccurate, rendering it unusable in its original form. 

Availity's Upcycling Data™ technology, Availity Fusion, structures and standardizes clinical data from a variety of sources, including electronic health records (EHRs), health information exchanges (HIEs), labs, and more. It upcycles multiple clinical data formats and can convert formats to Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) in near real-time.  

Once Availity Fusion upcycles the clinical data, healthcare organizations can use the output in a wide range of use cases, including risk adjustment, HEDIS®/Quality initiatives, care management, government compliance, and more. Kickstart your clinical data strategy with Availity Fusion.



Five steps to Upcycling Data

Upcycling is more than just data cleansing. It’s a five-step process designed to make clinical data as accurate and complete as possible for use in downstream workflows. Here’s how:

Availity Fusion Data Dashboard

Analyze clinical data source quality in near real-time

Before inputting clinical data from outside sources, health plans should assess the quality of that information. The Data Dashboard uses over 300 configurable rules produced by clinical data and interoperability experts to weigh and measure source data usability. Using the dashboard’s intuitive interface, administrators can visualize data quality issues and communicate those back to originators.

Video: Data potential to data power

Clinical Data Resources

Availity - Clinical Data Resources

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