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Associate Spotlight - Nandeesh A


11.19.2021 By Availity


Nandeesh A. is a project lead with Availity India BPO Services. In his role, he leads a team of quality analysts, developers, and product owners who implement and provide ongoing support for Availity’s BPO clients.

With 11 years of service, Nandeesh is among the first associates at Availity India, formerly known as FORE Support Services. He was part of the team to launch AuthPal, a technology solution designed to simplify the prior authorization process for physicians, saving time and manual labor. Nandeesh assisted with research, development, and integrations and is proud that the solution is still in the market today.

During his time with Availity, Nandeesh’s role has evolved as the company expands. Every day, there are new opportunities for Nandeesh and his team to improve healthcare by turning ideas into action.

“At Availity, we’re constantly innovating to build faster, better, and stronger products for our healthcare customers,” Nandeesh said. “Our roadblocks are opportunities that teach us and provide another chance to succeed,” he said.

When he’s not implementing new clients, Nandeesh enjoys traveling and listening to music.

Just for fun      

Favorite Book – None, but I read technology
Favorite movie – Avengers and Bond movies


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