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Associate Spotlight - Lindsay Harrington


10.07.2020 By Availity

Lindsay Harrington

Lindsay Harrington is no stranger to customer service. After a three-year stint in the Army, she worked in a support role at a life insurance company and a long-term care insurance company. But she believes that working as client service representative at Availity is “very different from a traditional call center role.”

Availity CSRs field a wide range of questions from providers working with many different health plans. Unlike a typical call center role, Availity CSRs need to develop expertise across multiple healthcare topics so they can quickly answer complex questions. Despite this, Lindsay has embraced the challenge. “While I was in training, I would dream at night about problem-solving different situations. ”Thanks to a phenomenal trainer and supportive management team, Lindsay knew she could tackle the role and all that it entails. “It’s not overly repetitive. You are constantly learning new things, which I enjoy.”

Lindsay started—as all new reps do—answering the phones. Now, she’s part of a team that handles electronic support tickets. She enjoys the variety of tasks in the role, and the challenge of solving problems for customers.

“Customer service is very rewarding, but it can also be very challenging,” she said. Because the client service role handles so many different calls, they have to be able to answer any question a customer might have—especially the difficult ones. This can mean some tough calls. Lindsay’s advice? “You have to remember that it’s not personal,” she said. “By keeping calm and paying attention, you can provide someone with resolution and turn their day around.” She also advocates for taking a moment to breathe, re-focus, and reset between calls.

In addition to maintaining balance between calls, Lindsay likes to maintain a good balance between work life and home life. It’s one of the key reasons she accepted the position. She also likes the opportunity for career growth that Availity offers and is looking forward to development opportunities.

When she’s not working, Lindsay can be found spending time with her two-year old son, Jax, at the park or zoo (or somewhere outside, exploring).


Favorite Movie: The Notebook

Favorite Food: Sushi

Book: The Andalucian Friend 

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